Artur Ekert

Professor of Quantum Physics, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Fellow of Merton College, University of Oxford

Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor, National University of Singapore

Director, Centre for Quantum Technologies

Scuba Diving Instructor, PADI # 495025.

artur.ekert at


In my academic life I am usually labeled as a physicist, but every now and then I am also called a cryptologist, or a mathematician.  My main research interest is information processing in quantum-mechanical systems. It is a cross-disciplinary field bringing together theoretical and experimental quantum physics, mathematics, logic, computer science and information theory. My work is mostly theoretical but its results bear directly on issues of experimental implementation. One reason why it has attracted attention from industry and government agencies is that quantum cryptography can guarantee perfectly secure communication. Another is that projected quantum computers will be capable of efficiently solving some problems for which there is believed to be no efficient classical algorithm. Outside academia I am addicted to all kind of water sports, general aviation, and good wine.